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Are You Considering Dentures?

If you’re embarrassed or have limited dental function because you’re missing teeth, you no longer have to suffer shame and discomfort from missing teeth. It’s easier than ever to completely restore your smile, comfort, and confidence with dentures. These are tailored dental appliances comprised of replacement teeth, on a removable dental framework or a secure, permanent implant. Their long-lasting nature with proper care makes them a smart investment in your oral health.

Are There Many Choices for Dentures?

Advances in dentistry have led to a wide variety of dentures today. Once our dentist performs a full dental exam, they can recommend the best denture for your needs. Discover the most common denture options below.

How Do Full and Partial Dentures Really Differ?

You should choose a full denture to replace all of your existing teeth in your lower or top jaw. You can get either a full fixed denture that is secured in your mouth with dental implants or you can opt for a removable full denture that gently rests on top of your gums. With a full denture, all remaining teeth would be removed and you would be provided with a set of temporary dentures to wear until your gums have a chance to heal. As soon as you’ve finished healing, our dentist would fir your newly-created permanent denture.

And you would select a partial denture if you were only looking to replace a few lost teeth in your mouth and keep your remaining healthy teeth. A partial denture
is built on a structure that resembles a bridge, but it’s different from a bridge that gets permanently secured in your mouth because it is simply attached with clasps that cover the teeth on both of its sides. Every night, the bridge must be removed for cleansing.

What Are The Benefits Of Flexible Partial Dentures?

These dentures are made of a weightless, supple material that easily conforms to your mouth instead of the hard base and metal clasps used in a traditional denture. Its flexible clasps and base provide added comfort, while its gum-colored composition mean that no one will ever suspect that you’re wearing a denture.

Should You Consider Implant-Supported Dentures?

If you’re looking for a denture with the a lot of stability and strength, then this may be the right denture for you. An implant-supported denture simply uses two or four dental implants to firmly hold in the mouth. They are typically recommended to replace the lower teeth because these demand more security than the a denture for the upper teeth. But realize that these still need to be taken out and cleaned every night.

Have You Heard About All-on-Four Dentures?

These are one of the newest denture innovations. They actually enable you to get a complete set of replacement teeth yet only require four dental implants in the lower jaw for attachment. The beauty of this denture is the additional biting strength and the ease of wearing a fixed denture.

What Does The Denture Procedure Entail?

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn how easy it is to get dentures. While the exact procedure is based on the kind selected and health of your mouth, it usually begins by our dentist measuring your mouth and taking an impression of your teeth that is used to create your final denture. Then, teeth that aren’t healthy are gently extracted and a temporary denture is provided until the final denture is manufactured. Once it’s ready, you return to the dentist for placement and adjustments are made to ensure your comfort and function.

Can You Find Affordable Quality Dentures?

If you want to replace your teeth but worry about what dentures cost, be assured that you can get long-lasting, affordable dentures in Collingdale at our dental practice. Since the cost can vary by the denture you choose to get, the price of its materials, and the amount of preparation required, you will need to come in to our office and have one of highly-skilled dentists examine your teeth and gums. Then, they can help you select the ideal denture based on your needs and your budget. To learn if a denture is right for you, contact our office and schedule a consultation today.

Why Would You Choose A Soft Reline for Dentures?

A soft denture reline provides an alternative to the tough acrylic lining of a traditional denture. It is made of an incredibly soft substance designed to provide years of flexibility and freedom from oral pain and soreness.

For more information on the affordable quality dentures available at our practice, please call us right away so our dentists can help restore your smile.

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A great experience’ the staff and doctor were excellent..
John W.
The personal experience from making the appointment and then going to the office with Superior Service all from the phone call to the visit to the dentist thank you for your HELP..
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Everyone is very nice the doctor is very gentle an amazing!
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Everyone there are really nice and respective
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The dentist took the time to assure that I did not experience any pain. He explained everything he was going to do before he did it. The entire staff is very friendly
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Staff was very friendly and took the time to explain services that were to be rendered. I felt very comfortable. My son had services on the same day as me and he saud said he really liked the place […]
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very nice people working in the office and the dental hygienist, Toni, is always so nice when I come in. She is great at her job and makes you feel comfortable.
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I love my dental hygienist Toni. She’s always friendly and on time and she cleans my teeth really good
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Awesome Staff and Dentist. You All Rock!!!!!!(
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Very friendly staff and clean establishment.. miss Toni is my favorite!
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Thank you Gentle Dental of Collingdale for stepping up for kids for Give Kids A Smile week! Thank you for helping make sure that all children can get good oral health care to stay healthy!!
Colleen M.
Very Fast service been going here over 10 + years good report with staff always very pleasant!
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I had a great experience at Gentle Dental. I did not have any insurance and Melissa offered me a 49.00 special. She was awesome very caring and helpful.
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Everything was Great!!!
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Heather was very nice and patient with me
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Every one here is so nice and professional. Any fear I may have had was alleviated almost immediately.
Cynthia J.
The Dentist and staff are professional, knowledgeable and kind. I admit to having moderate to high levels of anxiety when visiting the Dentist. My past experiences in Dental offices have been […]
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They do good work, and are very professional.
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You the best
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